Fundraiser for Family of Colon Cancer Victim late Mr.Jhok Bahadur Gurung

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Behalf of Sindhu-USA  Welfare Society ,We would like to  express our sincerest  condolences to the family of Jhok Bahadur Gurung and May his soul Rest in peace  . Mr. Gurung   past away on May 21st, 2020 at the age of 60 while being treated for colon cancer  at Elmhurst Hospital in Queens , New York . He was born in  Melamchi – 3, Haibung, Sindhupalchok District in Nepal. He was the head of member and financial supporter for family member of  6 daughters 1 son and wife. In his family youngest daughter is currently suffering from heart disease and he had dream to bring her in USA for treatment. Mr. Gurung had been living in New York for a while and worked in one of the restaurants to provide financial support and fulfill of family's dream. Unfortunately his family loss him and  suffering from difficult financial situation  during this  global pandemic. Let's help for Gurung family and your support will be gift for late Gurung .

On Behalf of Jhok Bahadur Gurung’s family, we kindly request to all of you to make any amount of donation.That will be appreciated.

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