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Sindhu Welfare Society Of USA will continue providing safety supplies from April 26, 2020 for Essential worker, people who are at most risk of severe illness are adults ages 50 and older, or those who have chronic health conditions, such as: (Lung disease, Moderate to severe asthma, Heart disease, A weakened immune system, Obesity, Diabetes, Kidney disease, Liver disease and Cancer ), pregnant and infected from COVID-19. Please keep in touch with us for necessary essentials. We will also be delivering food and Medication to those who are unable to go out. Any one infected with COVID- 19 can contact us and we will deliver any necessary essentials such as food and medication to your provided address. Please do not hesitate to reach out for any help, your information will be kept confidential.

Following Supplies are available:

Gloves 5box /500 pcs and (20box / 2000 pcs) will arrive within next week

Sanitizer 72 pcs (118 ml)

Mask 120 pcs (300 pcs will arrive within next week)

Tylenol 200 pouch / 100 count 3 and 25 count 4

Thank you to all Executive member for your contribution to have above safety supplies are.

Mr. Tshring Tenzing Lama $205

Mrs. Sunita Tamang $50

Mrs. Laxmi Sherpa $50

Mr. Pema D Sherpa $50

Mr. Niser Sherpa $50

Mr. Lakpa Thilen Sherpa $50

Mr. Sangey Sherpa $50

Mr. Dangtu Sherpa $50

Ms. Rajina Lama $ 50

Mr. Pasang  Norbu Sherpa $ 50

Ms. Renu Tamang $50

Mr.Bishnu Shrestha $ 50

Mr.Karna Bahadur Shrestha $50

Mr.Lopsang Sherpa $50

We are also looking for donor to expand our services, if you would like to donate extra supplies  please contact us at [email protected] or  

Mr. Tshring Tenzing Lama (President )  3479936674

Mrs. Laxmi Sherpa (Vice President) 6464628226

Mrs. Sunita Tamang (Vice President) 6466839676

Mr. Pema D. Sherpa (General Secretary)   6462365012

Mr. Niser Sherpa (Treasurer)  6463311840

Mr. Dangtu Sherpa ( Media Coordinator ) 6466428138

On Behalf of Sindhu Welfare Society, I would like to thank our General Secretary Mr. Dendi D.Sherpa for delivering supplies to those in need.

Tshring Tenzing Lama

President, Sindhu Welfare Society Of USA

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