Helping Susant Yadav by Sindhu-USA Welfare Society on September,2020

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Shusant Yadav came to America for study in Southern Utha University. Because of his mental illiness he couldn't continue his study. Then he moved to Texas, Califonia and now in New York since February 2020 during Covid Pandamic .

Before, he went some of the places to work and owner fired him. According to his friend on September 12th he went to work to Pennsylvania but agin he get rejected and he has no one to support and no place to live then turn out to homeless and sleeping on Street with no food . After 2 weeks his family requested to one of the social worker Mr. Ang Kami Sherpa and he contacted us Sindhu -USA Welfare Society. Then we started to find him and after a week Mr. Karma who is from Manag called us and found him on street, now he is under our supervision and staying in Hotel Stay Royal at Long Island city, NY.

Based on his parents decission  and his health condition, we are trying to send him back to Nepal. After our conversation with sushant parents they were requesting  financial support for  Sushant  because of their poor financial condition .

Please donate Susant for provide Shelter,food and plane ticket.

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